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We hold TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification.

Tisax is a rating exchange mechanism for information security in the automotive industry.

TISAX certification confirms that the company’s information security management system meets defined security levels, and enables the sharing of assessment results on a specialized platform.

Our Team

Martin Janečka

Martin Janečka

Martin is primarily responsible for the business side, but also for the Cyber ​​Security industry.


Monika Horovičová

Monika Horovičová

Monika is our back-office manager. You will be in frequent contact with her when working with us.


Jaroslav Štěpán

Jaroslav Štěpán

Jaroslav is our leading developer and project manager. He designs automation infrastructures and oversees the delivery.


Who we are

We are a small company that has managed to find its place in the market, especially in the field of RPA, AI and IT consulting.

Innovation Anywhere was established in 2017 under the original name Innovation Path. The company was founded by former consultants from the so-called Big Four, who were looking for a meaningful and agile way to provide effective solutions for automating business processes. Our focus and extensive experience with clients from various industries have enabled us to become market leaders in our field. We develop specific solutions for companies that want to innovate and increase the efficiency of their processes.

Probably everyone who moves in the field of information technology will agree with us that having knowledge of everything in this world is not possible. However, it is important to know what you want to find and where to look for it – the right tool, to learn to control and implement it. But it is not a task that you will solve in a short time, often without people who understand the issue. And that’s exactly why we’re here – we know what you want and where to look. We are interested in news from the world of IT and we work with new technologies to provide our clients with the best services.

Our goal is to deliver a fully functional and at the same time the simplest possible solution, all with the help of the most modern technologies.

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